The Best And Biggest Greyhound Winners Of All Time

Biggest Greyhound Racing Winners

There have been a multitude of sports that have come and gone over the years, some that still remain, some that are more popular than ever, and some that have maintained a strong but niche group of fans. This is where greyhound racing, and while it isn’t quite as popular as it once was, it’s still among the most popular of the racing sports in today’s world.

Due to the age and history of the sport, there have been a lot of famous dogs that have won the hearts and minds of the many that have watched them race and win. Not just for their speed, but often for their temperament, grace, and even their looks. Among these famous dogs, some stand out above the rest, becoming legends in the greyhound racing world.

Today, greyhound racing is still going thanks in part to the betting scene that has built up around it, and some countries still enjoy it, such as Australia and New Zealand, where NZ betting is a favourite pastime for many.

Rapid Ranger

Rapid Ranger had a slow start in his racing career, and was initially met with defeat. This changed soon enough, however, and Ranger began standing out as a true champion. He is known for his slow start, where he’d usually be beaten for the first few races, but then would go on to win it all at the end. Rapid Ranger holds the title as one of the few greyhounds to win the English Greyhound Derby on more than one occasion.

Ballyregan Bob

Another incredibly successful greyhound, Ballyregan is among the most famed dogs in Britain, and throughout his entire career, was only beaten six times. His success was due to in large part to his physical attributes, having everything a greyhound would need to win a race time after time.

Patricia’s Hope

Few other dogs have met Patricia’s Hope in terms of sheer pace and will, and he will always be remembered as a racer that ran his absolute heart out. When he started out, he was not a favourite, and most of the odds were against him, and was especially unfavoured during the 1972 Derby. The odds were wrong, however, as he went on to win the race by a mile and be indoctrinated among the legends.

Scurlogue Champ

While Scurlogue was perhaps not the greatest racers ever in terms of performance, it was his nature and his ability to please a crowd that really made him stick out. He was renown for starting out slow, being outpaced by his competitors before suddenly turning on the speed and galloping far ahead of everyone else. This style of racing was unique enough to be incredibly popular among fans that came to races just to see him pull it off.

Mick the Miller

Finally we have Mick the Miller, often regarded as the greatest greyhound racer in history, as well as a pioneer of the sport. His career only lasted three years, but within that time he went on to become an international winner in just about every race he competed in. Of the 68 races that he entered, he won 51, making him not just beloved, but successful.

Greyhound racing will always have a place in the world, and there is no other sport that quite matches the grace and thrill that a greyhound race can provide.