Dog Breeds Similar To The Greyhound

Do you love watching greyhound racing? Are you mesmerised by the athletic capabilities of these slim, fast, sprinting hounds? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be looking for a greyhound to call your own. However, with a body built for the racetrack and a one-track-mind, this breed doesn’t always make the best companion. This ancient dog breed is after all, known as the fastest breed around.

So what are other breeds of dog are similar to the greyhound? Let’s take a closer look:


The Afghan is a hound dog that has the skinny, elongated shape of the greyhound with a longer, sleek, luxurious coat. Although they look extremely elegant, Afghans are also great companions, with a playful nature that children love.


A friendly alternative to a greyhound when it comes to a companion animal, the smaller whippet is very sociable and gets along well with most people and other pets. They are also very quiet animals, barking only occasionally, so you can be assured that this dog won’t annoy the neighbours!


Also known as the Arabian greyhound, the Sloughi is very similar to a greyhound in that they are a skinny sighthound. Although these dogs can be aloof, they are also known to be very loyal and affectionate with their families.


Also known as a Persian greyhound or gazelle hound, this skinny breed is the supermodel of the dog world. Once used by nomads to hunt small game, Salukis are known to be shy and aloof. However this also means that they are gentle, quiet dogs, that are tolerant of children and other pets.


These Russian dogs look like greyhounds but with longer hair. They are a noble, graceful breed who are very respectful and loyal to their owners. These sensitive dogs are good with families, but tend to be scared and wary of strangers.


A fiercely independent breed with a strong hunting drive, the Basenji is an ancient breed that hails from Africa. They have a very good sense of smell and well as excellent eyesight and an energetic nature. Like the greyhound, they have a lean, graceful appearance and a distinctive, super-fast gait.

Irish Wolfhound

These giant dogs with their distinctive shaggy coats, have very long legs. They are actually the tallest dog breed in the world! While these dogs may be giants, and are best suited to homes with large yards that can accommodate them, they will also try and take over your couch. Their gentle affectionate natures make them fantastic family pets for anyone that has the space to keep one.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Known as the African lion dog for their use in chasing lions off farms in Africa, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are known for their athleticism. They are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a willing exercise companion while also making capable watchdogs for your home.

Italian Greyhound

Also known as miniature greyhounds, Italian greyhounds have the alert, energetic personality of a greyhound in a more manageable package. They’re great for chilling on the couch and enjoying watching the game with friends, and they love a bit of a run too. These small dogs have a loving, playful nature and at only 15 inches tall, they are the perfect pet no matter the size of your home.