Popular Greyhound Mix Breeds

An exceptional dog built for speed, Greyhounds are a popular breed due to their racing abilities. However when it comes to companion animals these large dogs need a lot of exercise and can be difficult to keep in smaller homes. Cross a Greyhound with another breed and you can end up with a smaller dog with the loveable, gentle, intelligent characteristics of the Greyhound.

Here are some of the most popular Greyhound mix breeds:

  1. Greagle

The Greagle is what you get when you cross a Greyhound with a Beagle. Smaller than a typical Greyhound, the Greagle combines two exceptional hunting dogs in one animal. While their strong prey drive and high energy levels can make the Greagle quite a handful, these loyal canines will be super affectionate to their human family.

  1. Doberhound

Cross two long-legged skinny dog breeds together and you will get the Doberhound. A mix of a Doberman Pinscher and a Greyhound, the Doberhound, is an energetic dog that is muscular and agile. The good thing is this Greyhound mix is very intelligent and thus easy to train and if treated right will shower their owners with affection.

  1. Greyador

The Greyador is a Greyhound crossed with the ever popular Labrador Retriever. This popular Greyhound crossbreed is friendly and calm with the Labrador Retriever parent helping to make the Greyhound more suitable for families and young children.

  1. Boxhound

Cross a Greyhound with a Boxer and you’ll land up with the Boxhound. This short haired dog will be very hardy and can live for a good number of years, provided it is given all the exercise it needs. With the face of a Boxer and the body of a Greyhound, this energetic breed makes a cute companion for an active couple, single or older family.

  1. Houndsky

The Houndsky is half Greyhound, half Husky. Due to the Husky parent dog, the Houndsky tends to shed a fair amount and is thus not well suited to allergenic owners. This dog also has a lot of energy but can be timid and afraid and easily distracted so a good deal of training will be required to keep this Greyhound mix breed under control.

  1. Golden Greyhound

Much like the Greyador mix, the Golden Greyhound makes for an excellent family companion and will curl up with you while you enjoy playing online Keno in Canada or other games. This is due to the Golden Retriever breed that brings a calm, affectionate energy to the Greyhound. This crossbreed is a great choice for families with children and other pets, although this dog will shed a lot so be prepared to vacuum regularly!

  1. Houndgi

Crossing a Greyhound with an adorable Corgi will result in a smaller breed of dog with a big personality. These very smart dogs thrive on human interaction and will want to go everywhere their owner does. This can make the Houngi prone to separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.

  1. Poohound

Ever dreamed of a fluffy Greyhound? Well that is what you get if you mix a Greyhound with a Poodle. Friendly and loving this intelligent breed takes well to training, although can sometimes be known to outwit their owners.