The Ultimate Greyhound Racing FAQ

The Ultimate Greyhound Racing FAQ

Greyhound racing is a thrilling and unpredictable sport and many fans far prefer it over even a sport as popular as horseracing. However, have you ever wondered how the greyhounds are trained, how long their racing lifespan is, or whether the greyhounds actually enjoy racing? Look no further than our ultimate greyhound racing FAQ.

How are the Greyhounds Trained?

Chasing prey is a natural instinct of the greyhound and most will chase an artificial hare without much training. The role of the greyhound trainer is therefore to ensure that these natural instincts are channelled correctly and that the hound remains happy, fit, healthy, and mentally stimulated. A typical day in the life of a racing greyhound will include a combination of sprinting, walking, and even swimming, followed by grooming and massage to keep them in the best possible physical condition.

What is a Greyhound’s Racing Lifespan?

Largely dependent on which country the greyhound is reared and raced in, greyhounds will generally only be permitted to race officially from 15 months old onwards. Most greyhounds are retired from racing between the ages of three and five years, but some veteran racers continue to do so if they’re particularly successful and remain in prime condition.

How Often Do Greyhounds Race?

Greyhounds will typically race once every 5-7 days with the rest of the time being devoted to training, play, and rest.

Do Greyhounds Enjoy Racing?

Greyhounds are categorised as sighthounds, built for speed and athleticism much like your favourite athletes for NZ Sports Betting, and the vast majority of greyhounds have within them the innate ability to track and chase prey. Greyhounds love to run and race and you’ll often see greyhounds become highly excitable and start wagging their tails whenever they enter the track ahead of a race.

What Do the Greyhounds Chase?

While greyhounds once chased live prey, the more modernised and regulated version of the sport sees them chase a mechanical lure traveling around the outside of the track on a ground rail. The mechanical lure is usually a stuffed toy or a small plastic windsock which the greyhounds chase by sight and sound.

Why are the Greyhounds Muzzled?

Greyhounds wear lightweight muzzles when they race to prevent injury and to stop them from trying to damage the mechanical lure once they’re reached the end of the race. The majority of greyhounds only wear muzzles when they race and won’t be seen to be wearing them outside of the racetrack.

Is Greyhound Racing Safe?

Yes! Long gone are the days of greyhounds chasing hapless live prey and the sport is now highly regulated to ensure the safety of both the hounds themselves and the public who so enjoy watching them. A greyhound may become injured during a race – just like all athletes – in which case they receive immediate, expert attention from a vet. The vast majority of injuries are minor and the injured greyhound will usually return to the track fit and healthy, very quickly.

The aim is to have happy, healthy, well-adjusted greyhounds!