The Thrills of Greyhound Racing

Why Greyhound Racing Draws in Crowds

Starting in the 1920s, greyhound racing quickly took the world by storm. Where all other popular types of racing were done at the hands of a human, now we had a form of racing that was solely dependant on the animal, and it proved to be a success. Greyhound racing has lessened in popularity over the years, and many countries around the world are banning it outright, as many believe it is cruel to the animals.

Despite this, those that have attended a greyhound race feel the opposite, and attest to the thrill and exhilarating that both the animals and the audience feel. Many believe that the dogs have fun, while also believing that it provides jobs for trainers and the industry as a whole. For those that prefer other types of animal racing, such as horse racing, there are plenty of horse racing betting sites that can point you in the right direction. For those that want to understand why some believe that there is no greater thrill than a greyhound race, these are some of the reasons.

The Dogs Enjoy It

One of the main reasons that greyhound racing has been on the decline in recent years is due to the belief of many that the dogs are being forced into doing something against their will. Whatever the case may be, a racing enthusiast that has watched the dogs compete will quickly tell you that this isn’t the case; that the dogs quite enjoy the entire experience. This is, of course, subjective to every person, and most people stand firm that greyhound racing has no place in today’s world.

Whatever the case, a common misconception is that the dogs get treated badly beyond the race itself, with the belief that once the race has come to a finish, the animal is simply locked away until the next event. This is not the case, however, and professional trainers will attest to the fact that each and every animal is treated better than most house pets. Greyhounds are the life and soul of a trainer’s life, meaning that the dogs get the best food available, and constant love and attention every single day.

The Thrill of The Race

The whole point of any race is that it provides the audience with a sense of thrill and excitement. Watching these competitors give their all to cross the finish line first, and this is no different when greyhounds are racing. These are animals that are finely tuned for speed, and many say that there is nothing quite like watching one of these dogs speed along a track. Graceful, powerful, and with endless energy, the greyhound runs at a pace that we humans will never be able to achieve on our own, and watching them go in real life is often enough to sway a person into believing that these animals were meant to be on a racetrack.

Why it Remain Tops

The decline of greyhound racing is ultimately inevitable as countries continue to outlaw it (although some go back on the ban afterwards!), but it’s worth always remembering that it once had a place in many fans’ hearts across the globe and will continue to be beloved by thousands for as long as it lasts.