Common Traits Among Winning Race Horses

Much like professional athletes, race horse share a number of traits amongst one another that set apart from other horses. These traits give the horse its edge while out on the track, and they’re something that most trainers will have an eye for when choosing a horse to start training from an early age.

Most winning horses will tend to share these traits, and they are easy to spot for those that have a trained eye and some experience. Here we will break down some of the most common traits that winning race horses often share.


Despite the fact that we think of competitiveness as more of a human trait, it can extend to horses, too. In fact, it’s something that’s necessary for a horse to have any real chance on the track against its opponents. Horses with a competitive streak tend to be much more drive to try and get ahead. While it’s very possible to train a racing horse that doesn’t have a leaning toward competition, it’s more than likely that the animal won’t perform that well out on the track. It’s something that a lot of seasoned trainers will be able to pick up.

Natural Speed

Horses are naturally stronger than most other mammals, but that doesn’t mean that all horses are equal. Certain breeds, for example, tend to be larger and stronger, allowing them to pull carts and ploughs when needed. Others may be much smaller and weaker, making them better for casual riding. A horse that can compete at professional levels will need to have a natural inclination toward speed, strength, and stamina. This will often depend on their lineage, and it’s why some of the best race horses in the world are usually sired through strong genetics.


Not all horses are easy to train; some might not give in to training at all, and even if the animal would be a natural on the course due to its genetics, if it can’t be trained in any fashion, then there’s no point in trying. A good temperament is an absolute must in order to ensure that a horse will make it on the track, an aggressive horse is almost impossible to properly train, and may make erratic moves while its running. It’s why many trainers tend to try and find foals that have a calm temperament, and ones that aren’t always fighting with other horses and animals.

Trust With Jockeys

Horses are only as good as the jockeys that are riding them, so it pays to have an animal that’s comfortable with having a jockey steering them on the course, just like having trust, but it helps when the horse in question is naturally inclined to being directed by their rider without putting up too much of a fuss. Trainers will spend the formative years of the horse’s life teaching to become used to being ridden by their jockey, and it’s something that will reflect when they’re trying to win.