How To Win With Horse Racing Betting

Of all the different kinds of sports betting that are available, very few are quite as popular as horse racing betting. By far one of the oldest forms of wagering that is still widely used to this day, horse racing betting is offered by bookmakers around the world, wagers can usually be taken out on all the latest events as they happen.

Finding real success when betting on horses can be somewhat frustrating, especially for a punter that’s relatively new to the world of sports betting. Fortunately, there are several practical methods that a bettor can employ to improve the chances of them winning, as we will look at here.

Know The Form Of The Horse

The form of a racehorse typically refers to the overall performance of the animal, including its history of wins, losses, injuries, rest times, and more. This kind of information tends to be widely available to the public, although it might not always be free.

It’s a good idea for a bettor to take the time to research the form of a particular horse that they might potentially bet on. Some of the information that’s a part of the form includes the class of the event, the past performance of the horse, information about the trainer and the jockey, and much more. Make sure to have a good idea of where the animal stands in terms of its form before making any real money wagers.

Read The Race Day Program

Most pro bettors generally make a habit of learning the program for the race day, as having more information tends to give the punter something of an edge when it comes to betting. Along with the times of the event, the race day program will also detail the statistics of the horses that are to perform in specific events. It’s with this information that a bettor will choose from a selection of bets and pick one that suits their style of betting as well as their budget.


Something that a lot of beginner punters daily to do when taking out a wager is keep an eye on the weather. The weather can instantly change the odds of the bet, as some horses might be more comfortable running in the rain, while others completely lose their nerve. Knowing what the weather is going to be on the day is just another important factor that a punter will want to keep in mind as they outline their betting process and put their research together during the hours they don’t spend enjoying online slots for real money.

Surface Types

Another factor that can alter the success rate of a horse is the kind of surface that it will be galloping in. This information is usually included in the form and gives an idea of how the animal performed on specific kinds of surfaces, and how this might affect them during any upcoming events. A horse that’s good on grass might really battle to make any distance on turf, for example.