Best Formula One Drivers

Best Formula One Drivers

The forming of the World Championship of Drivers in 1950 consolidated the many Grand Prix that took place in the 1920’s and 1930’s.The first ever Formula One Champion, Giuseppe Farina, driving an Alfa Romeo, set the tone for future champions. Nothing but natural talent and pure grit.

Since then there have been many driving greats, but here is my top five best F1 drivers.

Number five: Jim Clark

With his great friendship with his team’s boss, Colin Chapman, the Scot Jim Clark had the best and fastest cars at his disposal, and along with his amazing natural skill he dominated the field when racing.

He is a Formula One fan favourite, which is only correct as his speed and skill were a joy to watch.

His death in 1968 at Hockenheim, cut short a career that would have only have gotten better over time, Jim at 32 still had a great deal to offer the racing world.


2 World Championships

25 wins

Number four: Alain Prost

This Frenchman’s nickname was ‘le professeur’ and was well earned, he was extremely intelligent and an amazing racer who won races even though he raced with unreliable equipment (the entire car really).

He is quite often remembered for his on (and off) track battles with Ayrton Senna, which included a few cases of them nudging each other on the track. Asides from this rivalry, Prost was an amazingly skilled driver, who competed against legends like Senna and won.


4 World Championships

51 wins

Number three: Michael Schumacher

German born Schumacher become the number one winner statistically in F1, utilising his natural racing talent and work ethic within his teams.

After winning his first two world championship wins in 1994 and 1995, he moved to Ferrari where he had a limitless amount of money to throw at his cars and teams, which could only lead to more wins.

Michael Schumacher was highly skilled racer, and great entertainment.

Very often people who enjoyed NZ betting would not bother with his races, as odds of him winning were high and the winnings low.


7 World Championships

91 wins

Number two: Juan Manuel Fangio

Juan Manuel Fangio is at the top of every fans Formula One greatest drivers list, his nickname of ‘El maestro’ was incredibly apt as he seemed to be in complete control of not just himself in a race but the whole actual race.

He won races effortlessly in a time that was considered the most difficult and harshest period in Formula One racing history.

‘El maestro’ is the racing legend that all F1 racers can only dream of being. His racing style often inspired random betting as he could win…but he could lose very often too.


5 World Championships

24 wins

Number one: Ayrton Senna

The loss of Ayrton Senna rocked the racing community, including its fans. He was the golden boy of racing, with so much raw natural talent and a sense of self-belief that he seemed invincible.

The Brazilian was often impressive in his career, with his huge need for speed and his testing of the boundaries of what was possible on the track.

When he died in a crash at Imola aged only 34, his legendary status was sealed in stone, he was and still remains the greatest racer in the opinion of the racing community.


3 World Championships

41 wins