How To Become A Pro F1 Driver

There are countless young kids around the world that can think of nothing better than becoming a professional motorsport driver. The thrills, the fame, and the chance to pilot some of the most powerful vehicles in the world, there’s little wonder as to why it’s so appealing to so many different people.

Not everyone can become a driver, however, as it takes certain qualities, traits, and a refined sense of dedication that only a few are able to muster. Check out this guide to see what it takes to fit the bill and start driving F1 cars for a living.

  1. A Solid Foundation

Professional drivers aren’t just people who are good around cars; they have driving in their blood, having done it essentially all their lives. Most of the pros today started out by driving small go-karts, or having their parents let them drive around on the backgrounds. But this is just the start: to become a pro, a person will need to spend around 7 years in competitive kart racing before they have a chance at taking it further. This is a vital stage, as it’s how a potential driver and their trainer can see whether they what it takes to move on to the next stage.

  1. Make Use Of Simulations

Having access to a single seater isn’t always possible, so many pros will get the extra practise in by using a simulator. Simulators these days are extremely advanced, and can offer a full experience. Practising in a kart is also a good idea, and is recommend for those wanting to keep their skills as sharp as possible.

  1. Finding a Good Teacher

Almost all of the world’s best drivers at the moment were able to achieve what they did thanks to finding good mentors who provided a foundation of knowledge, experience, and expertise. A young driver is going to make a lot of mistakes during their early stages of their career, but having someone experienced guiding their way can help them avoid certain mistakes that could potentially put their future in jeopardy.

  1. Move Into The European Circuits

Most regions around the world have their own, local F1 teams, and it’s a good idea to aim for them in the early stages of an F1 career, but most professionals agree that the chance to break into the big league often comes from being part of the European circuits.

  1. Join a Good Team

Moving into a single seater is a necessary move for any F1 driver, but finding the right team is just as important. The right teams can define how far a driver will go as they progress, especially if the team they’ve gotten into has experienced and successful senior drivers, making it a win-win situation, much like playing online NZ casino games. It also means that a newbie will be driving with their other teams as much as possible, which is the perfect environment to hone skills and earn valuable experience.