The Dakar Rally And How It Works

The Dakar Rally is considered by many to be the harshest race on earth. And it’s a race that takes place across a number of different countries. The Dakar Rally began in the late 1970s and has since become a universally popular race. And it didn’t take very long before the world’s automakers saw the race to test out their new vehicles on the toughest terrain.

Today, the Dakar Rally is known by most people throughout the globe. And it has seen thousands of races attempt the voyage in the last few decades. In fact, 500 races participate in the Dakar Rally every year. And it means having to take along tough vehicles, often with heavy modifications.

The Types of Vehicles

The race consists of a number of vehicle categories. All these categories compete with one another. These include cars, trucks, motorcycles, and quads. Each one of these vehicles has its own set of challenges. And it’s up to the drivers and their teams to make the most of it all.

The Dakar Rally is a difficult journey. And only the very toughest of teams are able to make it to the end. Along with this, each driver will need to follow a specific route. This route is set on a map that is available to viewers of the Rally, too. While the idea is that everyone goes to the same place, it’s common to have drivers become lost along the way.

During the journey, it’s common for a vehicle to become damaged. If a vehicle receives enough damage, then it will be disqualified from the race. Especially so if there is the potential for injury. And it means that racing teams will have emergency equipment with them during the race.

Interesting Information

The Dakar Rally attracts drivers from all walks of life. And it means that certain rules need to be put in place. This is important both for safety as well as for the viewers. And there are millions of viewers that come and watch the event. In fact, some groups believe that the large number of people and vehicles is harmful to the environment.

Regardless, the Dakar Rally is here to stay. And is a great way to see the latest vehicles as they are being prototyped. Mitsubishi has led the race for many years. Although other, small manufacturers are starting to catch up in some categories.

The Dakar Rally is also extremely profitable. In fact, it makes an excess of 200 million dollars every time it takes place. It’s also part of a large sports betting scene and sports betting online takes place before and during the event. This money comes from sponsorship deals and other similar types of deals. The race also boasts almost 5 million viewers, and broadcasters from almost 200 countries cover the event. This means that it is one of the most popular racing events of all time and continues to be so.