The Exciting World Of SIM Racing

With 2021 half over, it’s official that SIM racing has become the latest and greatest new addition to the world of racing for those who are house bound. While it is by no means the same experience for many as a trip to the race track would be, it does satisfy the need to enjoy noise, speed and heart-pounding action along with clever ‘camera’ angles. As Daytona, the Grand Prix, NASCAR, and F1 struggle to give fans what they want, there are plenty of iRacing platforms which have seen a surge of viewers tuning in to their simulator-based events. Keep reading to discover more about the world of SIM Racing.

What Is SIM Racing?

You have likely already tried your hand at a version of SIM racing if you have ever picked up a console or logged into your computer and done a lap or two on any kind of racing game. This love of digitally rendered racing, in a nutshell, is a virtual event that features cars racing along various computer created racing tracks. The cars which take part in the race are kitted out similarly, so winning the race predominantly comes down to the controllers’ skills as to how the cars they are using perform.

There are numerous online platforms gaining popularity, like rFactor, in which you can log on to view the racers perform in much the same way that F1 races would be broadcast onto televisions. A recent event, The Race All-Star esports Battle, racked up over 600,000 viewers in record time, eager to watch the ‘live action’ racing alternative. It was lauded for its realism, taking place in the Grand Prix circuit in Nürburgring, and featuring identical 2012-spec Formula One vehicles. Featuring 3 heats to qualify, with 8 top finalists taking place in a last championship race, the prize for the race was a whopping $10,000.

Due to the popularity of SIM Racing and sensing a chance to take part of the growing market share of users showing an interest in eSport racing, many official companies have endorsed online eSport racers. In fact, NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA, and USAC have officially been linked with iRacing, who have partnered with NASCAR to create the prestigious eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series. Recently, this series was won by superspeedway expert Brad Keselowski, who has proved that he’s a pro both in real life race car driving, and can handle things just as well within the virtual world.

Advertising In SIM Racing

While real world racing is still a favourite, SIM Racing has also attracted sponsors who have happily paid for the advertising privilege of being showcased on the cars of the drivers. On some site, sponsors can even buy banners alongside the digitally rendered track too.

Taking Part In Sim Racing

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at being a race car driver, then paying for membership privileges on eRacing sites is a great way to experience the thrill. Depending on which site you sign up with, members can download software and start racing, after watching tutorials that showcase how to handle track hazards.