The Five Most Famous F1 Cars Of All Time

The Five Most Famous F1 Cars Of All Time

Formula 1 racing is almost a century old, and in that time we’ve seen both some of the best and worst that the racing world has to offer. Some memorable wins to terrible accidents, F1 has always brought us endless amounts of thrilling and unpredictable action from the moment it became internationally recognised.

As old as the sport it, it makes sense that there have been some greats that have come and gone throughout its history. We’ve seen some of the best drivers of all time snatch the win from equally-skilled opponents, and while we often like to praise these drivers as often as we can, we sometimes forget what brought them on to the circuit to start with: the cars.

F1 cars have changed dramatically over the years, starting as nothing more than a chassis, engine, and some wheels, and evolving into the speed machines that we know and love today. So popular, in fact, that F1 cars have been featured in a number of industries, ranging from video games to real money online pokies.

  1. McLaren MP4/4

McLaren has always had a strong reputation in the F1 scene, and the Mp4/4 is one of the best that the company has ever put to tar. Although it only raced in once season in 2988, it won 15 out of the 16 races that it was involved in, winning both the drivers and constructors titles, and driven by the great Ayrton Senna.

  1. Williams FW14

Used by the British racing team between 1991 and 1992, and utilising the upgraded FW14B during the second year. The navy, white, and yellow car, driven by Adrian Newey was one of the most sophisticated cars to hit the track at the time. The car won a total of 17 out of the 32 races that it competed in.

  1. Mercedes W05

A much newer car to the list, this German speed machine was one of the first hybrid turbo cars of its time, and was introduced during the 2014 season, driven by Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. The car has won 15 races, and would have gone further if not bogged down with a series of mechanical problems.

  1. McLaren M23

This Gordon Coppuck-designed machine won 16 races and earned the constructors title award during its time on the track from 1973 to 1977, powered by a 3.0-litre Ford V8. Along the way, it also accrued two drivers’ titles, won by Emerson Fittipaldi and James Hunt.

  1. Lotus 72

The Lotus 72 is widely regarded as the best F1 car of all time, thanks in part to the number of races it won, as well as the number of titles it earned. Winning 20 races was a feat of its own, but it also earned three constructor’s championship titles, as well as two drivers’ titles. The 72 was replaced by the 72F, which was then replaced once again by the Lotus 77 in 1970.