The Most Common Types Of Motor Racing

Motor racing has been enjoyed for well over 100 years now, and it’s become more popular than ever. Over the decades, organisations and individuals developed a wide variety of different types of racing. These range from professional tournament racing, to amateur races that just about anyone in the world can take part in. The racing world is incredibly varied, and there’s something for just about anyone that’s got a keen interest in motor sports.

Open Wheel Racing

Open wheel racing consists of the most professional forms of racing in the world, and encompasses such events as IndyCar and Formula 1. It’s made up racing that features cars that have exposed wheels, or wheels that don’t have any faring covers. Although the vehicles that take part in both F1 and IndyCar have many similarities, they are controlled by a number of different laws and regulations. An example being that F1 cars can only use road courses, while IndyCar can use road and oval courses.

Touring Car

Touring racing is based on the idea of taking modified road cars and putting them together in a race. It’s a form of competition that has gained serious popularity in countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and others. Because of the nature of touring races, just about any type of car can be used, and there are no real rules when it comes to aerodynamics. Often enough, collisions do happen, and there have been some major accidents in the past, but for the most part, it’s a fun and thrilling sport that takes many elements from the stock car races that can be found in the United States, and often provides as much excitement as Canadian mobile casino sites.


Rallying, also known as stage racing, is racing that most commonly takes place on rough terrain, where a combination of engineering and driving skill can mean the difference between winning and a terrible accident. It’s also among the world’s most thrilling forms of racing, where cars can often be found taking extremely sharp corners while trying to negotiate tough terrain, which can range from gravel, mud, sand, and sometimes even snow.

Stock Car

The world’s most well-known stock car racing comes in the form of NASCAR, which has become a favourite for many people in the United States. Started in the 1940s, it’s become known for its fast pace and high-speed collisions, but also the exciting and suspenseful overtakes that occur on the oval tracks.

Production Car

Also known as showroom stock car racing, production car competitions are often participated in by amateur racers that have taken the time to modify their cars for the various events that take place around the globe. These events are often made up of professional, amateur, and major automakers that want to show off their latest designs. The idea is to provide a platform for anyone that can take strictly production-based cars with some modifications to their wheels, powertrains, brakes, and suspensions, and seeing how well they fare against other vehicles in the same class.