The Swap To Electric

The Rise Of Electric Cars In The Racing World

The world is starting to run out of the finite resources that we’ve depended on for so long. Oil and coal are the two most important resources on the planet right now as they are what have been driving our development into the modern world. From cars, electricity, air travel, and so much more, it’s difficult to imagine a world where we no longer solely rely on oil to get us to work.

But times are changing, and it’s dawning upon many people that we need to start finding alternatives, not only for the sake of having an adequate replacement once there is no more oil left, but to also preserve and look after the environment around us. The biggest consumer of oil on the planet is the motor industry. With hundreds of millions of cars driving around at any given moment, and hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil being consumed, the push to find a practical alternative has become a top priority for many.

It’s not only civilians that have been affected, however, and even the racing world has begun to shift to make way for the future of engines. We’re not yet sure exactly what the future holds, but we do know that it will affect all facets of racing, from the cars themselves and even the online betting industry that has built up around them. But there are some alternatives that look promising.

Electric Cars

Formula racing is one of the most popular in the world, and its popular nature means that there are a lot of people that are watching the development of the next generation of cars. For many car manufacturers out there, the future is in electric racing cars. Officially known as Formula E, these are cars that retain the performance and precision handling of the cars we have today, but run solely off of battery power, and leave no lasting impact on the environment.

In fact, because many of these cars have no big engines, and because many moving parts have been removed, they tend to be just as fast, if not faster than their conventional counterparts, but also tend to break down a lot less.

Biofuel Cars

Next to electric is biofuel. Usually made from various types of biomass, which includes animal and plant matter, these cars are much more similar to petrol-based cars, except for the type of fuel that they make use of. Because of the similarities in design, it’s much easier for racing teams to switch over, allowing them to essentially keep the cars they have now, and make small adjustments so that they can use biofuel instead of petrol.

The rate of progress is slow, and there will be a number of hiccups before biofuel or even electricity takes over as the main driver of professional racing, but one way or another, we will need to find a way to sustain our love of racing in the future.