Most Popular International Motor Racing Events

Five Most Popular Motor Racing Events 

Almost all sports in the world involve the human body; whether it’s football, golf, rugby, tennis, among many more. These are sports that test the limit of what a person can achieve and have their place in the world – but for those that prefer the hum of a motor and the screech of tires, motor racing is the answer. While not quite as old as some other sports, motor racing has nevertheless become a global phenomena, and today there are international events that happen all year round.

If you are the kind of person that enjoys this type of racing, and want to know which events are the most popular in the world, these are the top 5 international motor races.

The Dakar Rally

Unlike other motor races, which rely on speed and reaction, the Dakar is a race of endurance. Some of the toughest drivers in the world sporting some of the toughest cars in the world fight to get to the end of this gruellingly brutal race. The Dakar is most often held in the desert, where water and food are scarce, and the heat is a constant burden on all those that participate. The Dakar Rally is considered to be the toughest race in the world, and offers some of the most enthralling live sports betting to those interested.

The Daytona 500

The ultimate race in terms of stock car racing, the Daytona 500 is renown across the world, and offers 500 drivers the chance of earning one of the most prestigious titles in the world, along with the prize money. Started in 1959, the 500, also known as NASCAR’s Super Bowl, the race takes place in Daytona Beach, Florida. It was the first race ever broadcasted live, and today stands among the top most popular motor races fans can enjoy.

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The Monaco Grand Prix

Formula One is a genre of racing unto its own, and the cars that take place in this kind of race have to be engineered from the ground up. Offering some of the fastest racing in the world, the Monaco Grand Prix is a legendary race in the motor world, and thousands upon thousands venture to Monaco to watch the event live. It is also one of the oldest of the motor sports, having first started in 1929, and has only grown in popularity ever since.

The Indianapolis 500

Here we have the oldest race still running today, having been started as early as 1911, when cars were still quite simple machines. Nevertheless, people quickly realised the potential for motor vehicles on a racetrack, and before long the Indianapolis became a favourite throughout the world. Most commonly known as the Indy 500, this is the grand daddy of modern motor sports racing, and continues to be a must-see for any enthusiast.

Le Mans

Le Mans is a name that even those uninterested in cars would recognise, and few other races have been able to attain the same level of sheer popularity. Le Mans is like nothing else available, and has been the dream of countless drivers since it first started in 1923. Le Mans is considered the most prestigious race on the face of the planet, and every year you can expect to see the world’s leading racing prototypes among many others in 24 hours of action.

Motor racing has taken the world by storm, and as long as there is a fuel to drive an engine, people will always find a way to race.