Five Types of Air Sports You Have to Do

The Top Five Different Types of Air Sports

The whole world loves racing. No matter which country it is, there is undoubtedly more than a few different groups around that follow at least one type of sport each. This love of racing has been part of mankind for as far back as we can tell, but it’s only been in the last century where we’ve been able to appreciate sports that haven’t been limited to the ground. The internal combustion engine has been modified to fit into just about every vehicle imaginable, ranging from small boats to humongous transport planes that fly all over the world every day.

Planes and jets, in particular, are one of mankind’s greatest achievements, and they have given us the ability to fly to any continent that we wish, for a relatively small price. Aeroplanes aren’t only used for transport, however, and in recent years, a number of sports have emerged thanks to the presence of the various types of flying vehicles that we use on a daily basis. These are a mixture of both the most extreme sports in the world, as well as more casual sports that many take up as a hobby. Some of them have sparked other industries as well, such as sports betting, and in some locations, air sport betting is as popular as other types of wagering, such as online betting.

  1. Hang Gliding

While technically hang gliding doesn’t make use of an engine directly, they often enough require the aid of a plane or helicopter in order to attain the right altitudes. At the right height, it’s just a matter of jumping off and holding on to the special gliding wing, all the way down. It’s a thrilling sport, and has become more popular and more widespread in recent years.

  1. Ballooning

The technology behind the average hot air balloon dates back to when we first began taking to the skies. Back then, Zeppelins were a legitimate form of air travel, although the invariable danger of riding beneath a massive balloon full of explosive gas caused enough accidents for their use as transport to come to an end. Either way, ballooning has remained a popular pastime for many across the globe.

  1. Parachuting

Parachuting is for the thrill-seeker, and is one of the most exhilarating sports available today. The idea is to climb into a plane, which then reaches a certain altitude. Once there, and with a little courage, and some faith, the parachuter jumps out and hits a free-fall. They then deploy their parachute before getting too low, and gently sail fall back to the surface.

  1. Microlight

Microlights are small aerial vehicles that are simple in design but endless fun. They consist of a small engine with a propeller on the back, which is attached to a large gliding wing. The driver hops in, pushes off from a runway, and can take to the skies carefree.

  1. Piloting

Becoming a pilot isn’t just for commercial airline captains. There are various reasons to become a pilot, and while it can take some time to earn a pilot’s licence, it’s often worth it. Some become pilots to take part in distance-competitions, where they fly to certain destinations within a specific amount of allotted time.