Different Types of racing

Unique and Different Types of Racing

Humans love racing. All sorts of racing. We will watch a field of thoroughbreds go around a track at lightning speed, beasts of chrome and smoke blitz each other on the asphalt, or even two drops of rain race past each other down a windowpane. We create things to be faster all the time, never ending in our obsession to be the fastest. Many people are aware of the main racing types such as cars, bikes, horses, and dogs; but have you heard of any of these more obscure racing types?

Cockroach Racing

Yes, you read that correctly. Cockroach racing is, believe it or not, an organised sport both in Australia and the US. There is a cockroach racing Cup that trainers prepare for all year. Their stable of thoroughbred roaches have to navigate three race types in order to stand the chance to win the coveted Cup at the end of the festival. Mostly Madagascan hissing cockroaches are used, but sometimes smaller species may have their own classes. The roaches are carefully trained, marked for the race, and then pitted against each other in an insect extravaganza that is watched, and bet on, by people from all around the world.

Cheese Rolling

Who doesn’t like cheese? Following on from that, who doesn’t like watching huge rounds of cheese roll down a hill followed by madly scrambling people? Gloucester, England, is the home of the Cheese Race. People line up at the top of a very steep hill and set their cheeses free. Each one has to follow the cheese as best they can; trying to make sure that it continues to roll and doesn’t fall over. The first pair of dairy product and human to cross the finish line wins. Wagering on a winner in this sport may not be readily on offer at Australian betting apps, but you can almost bet that someone takes wagers on the side at these events!

Flying Tractors

Meanwhile, in Russia: tractors driven by the elderly are driven over mountains of mud; rally style jumps, and flaming hoops of death. That’s right, its tractor racing Russian style. In this racing format, farm equipment is tested to its limits by vodka swilling oldies. There is even a heat called the Vienesse Waltz where the drivers have to maneuver their tractors in the mud, like figure skaters to the music of Johann Strauss.

Crappy Car Le Mans

The famous Le Mans race’s redneck cousin. In this sport, a bunch of really crappy cars are driven around the famous track for a full 24 hours, like its more civilised relative. The difference here is that simply making it around the full race constitutes winning, as so many of the entrants fail spectacularly a long time before the cut off point. This race is commonly referred to as “A breeding ground for morons”, and rather frighteningly is taking off in many other parts of the world as well.

Blind Man Car Rally

This is exactly as it sounds. A whole pack of blind men attempt to race cars around a track in India while being directed by the partially sighted reading braille maps. Hilarity, spectacular crashes, and the occasional surprised cow are the norm with spectators coming from all over the country as well as the world to watch the festivities. Although this is not strictly a race of mind-bending speed, it is none the less, a great example of how humans love racing in all its forms.