Different Types of racing

Different Racing Types Explored

The art of racing probably began when Homo sapiens needed to beat Neanderthals to the food, so is it any wonder as we progressed through history we came up with more and more ways to race.

Some of the Forms of Racing


First we walked and then we ran, away from sabre tooth tigers…probably. The first recorded Olympic Games in 776BCE and Ireland had the Tailteann Games from the 6th century, which both featured footraces.

But when we talk about running as a sport, there are a few popular categories in the racing world today

– Marathon

– Track running

– Cross Country & more

Swimming – Not just Mermaids and Sailors

Though swimming can be viewed as a basic requirement of being a sailor, quite often they did not know how to swim (and sinking in a storm is not really conducive to the butterfly stroke anyway).

Moving on from the lack of formal swimming training for sailors from the Middle Ages, we get competitive swimming in the modern age. The most popular swimming events are the Olympics and the Para-Olympics.

The popular races in swimming today are Freestyle and Breaststroke, with butterfly and backstroke being seen as more difficult.  But these races can be done as individuals or as medley relays, some nail biting races happen at these events.


With the first evidence of skis being found by archaeologists in Russia dating from 6000BCE, skiing is by no means a new sport. However skiing as a racing event has only really evolved since the mid 1800’s.

There are longer races such as Cross Country Skiing, which is hard to watch long term on the telly, and then there is Alpine skiing (Slalom and Downhill skiing). This fast paced racing is highly enjoyable to watch but is time based and not a group race in general.

Horse Racing

When thinking of horse racing, the most common thought is Thoroughbred horse races like the Kentucky Derby, but there is more to horse racing than that. The Steeplechase is still a popular race and even chariot racing (really old school) is still done and fun.

Greyhound Racing

Often controversial, racing of Greyhounds has been seen as cruel but with the monitoring and regulations in place these days, the modern animal friendly world of greyhound racing is thrilling. These dogs are bred for speed, and to witness them in action is a thrilling event. There are plenty of nz online betting sites that offer bets for Greyhound racing, and big wins abound for punters who back the right dog.


Once man invented the engine, nothing held us back. And now there are so many types of motor racing it would take too long to list them.

Here’s my top 5 favourite motor racing types:

– Open wheel (Formula, Midget car and Sprint car racing)

– Stock Car racing

– Motorcycle racing (Grand Prix motorcycle, Production bike, Super Bike racing)

– Drag racing

– Lawnmower racing (this is my favourite and is a must see!)

Since the first men decided to race each other on foot, there has probably been some betting on who would win. The thrill of the race can only been matched by the thrill of betting and winning without the effort of racing. And in this modern age there is always some class of race going on in the world, which is what makes the ease of betting online so helpful.

Whether you enjoy watching Usain Bolt destroy his competitors or prefer watching speedy steeds perform, where there is a race, there is a bet to be made.