The Ten Most Beautiful Marathons In The World

Marathons are the ultimate test of endurance. Successfully completing a marathon is a testament to a person’s discipline, commitment, and self-respect. For amateurs and professionals alike, completing those 26.2 miles is a feeling like no other. But the novelty of running for hours on tarmac past houses and office blocks can lose its savor over time, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the world’s most beautiful marathons for the avid and passionate runner. Here they are in no particular order:

Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon

Taking place during the Scandinavian high season when the sun never sets, the flat terrain and iconic views of mountain peaks and rolling waves make this a popular choice for newbie runners looking for novelty. This Norwegian marathon takes place in June in the town of Tromsø.

Great Wall Marathon

High gradient slopes, stretches of steps and all of this at a high altitude make this marathon, taking place mostly on the wall itself, a challenge for all but the fittest and most seasoned runners. Covering all 5164 steps of the wall and then some, it is considered one of the premier marathon events in the international calendar.

Loch Ness Marathon

Covering the eastern side of the loch and ending in Inverness village, this marathon affords runners breathtaking views of the Scottish Highlands, its moorlands and rolling greenery. Considered by many to be superior to the London Marathon, it’s as much of a win as Canadian mega casino bonuses.

Patagonian International Marathon

An annual event on the unpaved roads of the Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile, a UNESCO world heritage site renowned for its splendid views of the titular mountain range, its resplendent granite peaks and towering glaciers. The race is run to raise awareness and funds for the fragile Patagonian ecosystem which is under threat from human development and climate change.

Kilimanjaro Marathon

Hosted by the town of Moshi in Tanzania, this marathon is run early in the calendar year, as this is the summer season in the southern hemisphere, making it a popular choice for international runners. With verdant scenery, this race takes place in the foothills of the great mountain.

Petra Desert Marathon

A fall-time run through the Wadi Rum Desert, past the ancient cave city of its name, thousand-year-old stone carvings, and endless rolling dunes offer marathoners a unique vista to accompany their successful run.

Jungfrau Marathon

One of the most famous mountain marathons in the world, and for good reason. It offers runners unparalleled vistas of the Swiss Alps’ peaks of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. It is run annually in September and attracts runners from over 50 countries.

Big Sur International Marathon

Starting outside California’s Big Sur National Park and running along the Pacific coast on State Route 1, the marathon concludes at the Crossroads Shopping Center in the city of Carmel and crosses the Bixby Canyon Bridge.

Big Five Marathon

Taking place in the Entabeni Game Reserve north of South Africa’s capital city of Pretoria, this race offers runners a chance to see famous African wildlife without any fences in the way.