The Top Running Adventure Races In Asia

Asia is comprised of dozens of countries ranging from India to Japan, and boasts some of the worlds most fascinating and ancient cultures. Like the West, Asia has a deep love of adventure, and many travel to the continent’s more exotic countries every year to explore the cities and the landscapes. Along with this, Asia also boasts some of the most exciting adventure marathons around, perfect for both the professional and the amateur.

These are the top adventure marathons that can be found around the continent.

  1. Tenggeli Ultra

This race takes place at the Moon Lake Oasis, located in the Tenggeli desert in Inner Mongolia. It’s an XTE-Ultra race that is completed over a distance of 100km, which runners will have to finish over a period of three days. It’s an extremely challenging race, and all runners need to have their own gear and provisions for all three stages. The desert is a harsh environment, and is made up of some of the fastest wandering dunes in the world.

  1. Vietnam Mountain Marathons

Set in the mountains of Hoang Liem National Park, this event first started in 2013 and has been gaining popularity every year. The route sees runners adventuring through jungles, rivers, rice plantations, and forests, with a total distance of 100km to complete. The cut off time for the even is around 23 hours, although this can depend on the category.

  1. Hell Race Skyrunning

Taking place in the Indian region of the Himalayas, specifically in Himachal Pradesh, this is a type of race that was first started in the 1990’s. It’s considered an extreme sport that covers a distance of only 2000m, but the incline is always 30 degrees, which means that runners will often find themselves having to climb mountain sides. Its extreme nature means that it’s aimed at those that are in good condition and have experience running on inclined ground, and lots of preparation is key. It’s become a popular sport to watch, and has even seen prominence in local betting industries, similarly to online blackjack real money Canada.

  1. Ultra Trail Chaing Rai

Set near the city of Chaing Rai, this is one of the most scenic races in Asia, taking racers through forests, plantations, jungles, rivers, and mountains. The head and humidity tend to be the biggest challenge, especially for foreigners. The race has a number of different classes, but the main event is over a distance of 220km, which takes around 60 hours in total to complete.

  1. Kallang Iron Man

This classic triathlon sees participants first stating with a 3.86km swim, and then an 180.2km bicycle ride, followed by a running marathon of 42.20km without any breaks in between. It’s considered by many to be among the most difficult one-day sporting events on the planet, and it’s only undertaken by those that have spent a least a year in preparation. The race takes place on the tropical island of Langkawi, which is near to the border of Thailand, making it a once in a lifetime experience.