Top 5 Lesser Known Types Of Competitive Racing

Lesser-Known Types of Racing You Need to Know About

When it comes to racing, there is a huge variety to choose from. Whether it’s the Grand Prix or the Le Mans, there is something for most fans. Despite this, many might not be aware that beyond the mainstream racing that we all know and love, there is a range of unique racing genres that have become beloved among diehard fans, and are worth checking out if you’re looking for something new and interesting.

Racing, for the most part, is the act of using whatever means available to try and get ahead of your competitors as you try and reach the finish line first. To this end, racing can encompass a multitude of types, all coming in different shapes and sizes. Racing is not just for the petrol head either, and some even enjoy taking out wagers on different races, which has especially become popular in Australia and New Zealand where online betting in NZ is a favourite for many. For those that want to learn more about the lesser known types of racing, these are the top 5 types of other racing you can enjoy.

  1. Drag Racing

We’ve probably all heard of drag racing thanks to modern film and television, but for many, drag racing is a thrilling sport like no other. What really sets it apart is the cars that are used in the racing. These are cars that are unique from top to bottom, being designed and created by people who want to make their machine go in a straight line as fast as physically possible. Acceleration is the name of the game, and drag racing can truly get the heart racing like few other sports.

  1. Rally Racing

While extremely popular in Europe, rally racing is slowly gaining more recognition around the world with each passing year. Unlike conventional racing, a rally is held on a dirt track, where the vehicles have been specifically designed to take whatever punishment the track hands out. Rally racing consists of drifting, ramping, navigating forests, and trying as hard as possible to beat your opponents.

  1. Superbike Racing

Not all auto racing is confined to cars, and many can tell you that there is nothing like watching a superbike accelerate to full speed. Superbikes, similar to their four-wheeled counterparts, are custom-engineered monsters pushing out hundreds of horsepower and hitting speeds that most would consider pretty dangerous. Despite this, superbike racing is incredibly popular around the world, especially in the United States.

  1. Kart Racing

Big cars and bikes aside, another type of racing has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years: kart racing. Karts are small, light vehicles often driven by powerful engines. The light body and big engine means fast speeds, which makes for some incredibly competitive racing. Kart racing is known for giving rise to some of the best racers in history, such as Michael Schumacher.

  1. Boat Racing

We’re not talking about canoe and kayak racing, but rather the types of racing done by high-performance powerboats. These machines speed along the surface of a lake or dam at extremely high speeds and make for exhilarating viewing for fans. They are also notoriously dangerous, and are only undertaken by those racers with nerves of steel.

Racing comes in so many forms that it can be difficult to find a type that you can fully enjoy. But among these 5, fans are sure to find something they can enjoy immensely.