Top Five Water Racing Sports

Five Favourite Types Of Water Racing

Canoe sprint

Sometimes referred to flat water racing, this sport is held on clam water, with racers either in a kayak or a canoe. The ICF recognises distance of 200m, 500m, and 100m in a straight line and each boat in its designated line.

The difference between kayak and canoe:

Kayak – the paddler remains seated and faces the direction of travel, with a double wing paddle

Canoe – the paddler kneels with one knee and has the other leg extended forward with a foot on the floor of the boat. These paddlers use a single paddle on one side of the boat

Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon boat racing is sadly not powered by dragons, only mere humans (sad but true). These dragon boats originated from the Pearl River Delta in China and were traditionally made out of teak, and has a history going back two thousand years.

This form of racing is a team sport, team members propel the boat using paddles and to the rhythm of a drummer. The crew of each dragon boat is usually made up of 2 people, with twenty of these being paddlers, 1 person to steer and 1 drummer to hold the rhythm.

The Dragon Boat World Championships have been held annually since 1995, across the globe and always growing in popularity.

Offshore powerboat racing

The history of offshore powerboat racing is not as long as dragon boat, but it is just popular an enjoyable. With one of the first races ever held taking place in 1903, this form of racing quickly grew in popularity especially in the United States.

The Class 1 World Powerboat Championship has grown massively in technology since its first sanctioned event in 1964, with brands like Sterling, Lamborghini and Mercury getting on board to make advances. Through the years safety has become paramount, and upgrades to the hull and turbo charged engines saw this sport speed up considerably. So try and find a good site to do your online betting Australia, as these races are highly competitive and worth placing a bet or two.

An Offshore powerboat can weigh up to 5 tonnes, is between 12 to 14 metres long, 3.5 metres wide and all these boats are catamarans.

Yacht racing

The formal art of yacht racing is believed to have begun during the 7th century in the Netherlands using sailboats. Quite quickly custom made racing yachts began to emerge in England, with the Royal Yacht Squadron being formed in 1815.

Since the bad old days of yacht racing many type of yacht have been designed and raced, and there are also many types of yacht races held today. With the three major types of yacht racing today being inshore racing, around the world, offshore and ocean.

One of the most famous yacht races today is the Volvo Ocean Race, started in 1973/4 and is considered the most hard and challenging races in the world.

Radio controlled boat racing

If you’re not into dangerous speeds or you lack a bit of bicep power, but are still keen on enjoying a water sport then radio controlled boat racing is for you. The racing of these boats is also governed by the International Sailing Federation rules of racing, so this sport is taken seriously by those participating.

There are many types of racing for these boats but here are the top three classes:

Race – either circuit or a straight line

Engine – different types of engines (Electric, Glow Plug etc)

Hull – Mono, Cat, Outrigger etc